Holi Survival Guide

Lafayette Holi Festival will have dry colors, wet colors, and water guns. The color play will be restricted to the 'color zone.' While its possible some adults may withhold the temptation to become kids, it is much harder for kids to act adults. Please follow these tips as you head to the festival. They are definitely important should you be accompanying any children. However, count on the possibility that you may get tempted to join the festivity, and be prepared.

  • Wear white, good canvas for colors.
  • Wear clothes you do not mind throwing away. They may get stained.
  • Children would likely get wet. Its recommended they be in swimwear.
  • Bring towels, and quick change wear.
  • Bring allergy medication, if you need.
  • Bring hand and face wipes, to clean up afterwards.
  • Eye protection -- sunglasses, especially if you wear contacts.
  • Bring spare contacts, eye drops.
  • Hair protection -- bandana, shower cap.
  • Cover your car seats to protect after the event.
  • Picnic chairs are welcome.
  • Dust off all the dry color from hair and body before getting in shower. Some colors stain when wet. If using camera, protect its lens from colors.

CAUTION: Some people have reported their hair and skin to be stained for several weeks after the color play. The manufacturer has suggested that this could be due to the colors being wet, and recommended that people concerned with such stains play with dry color only and they dust-off the colors before shower.